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About Our Sports Nutrition Certification

IHEA’s Sports Nutrition Certification is a comprehensive course designed for fitness professionals, personal trainers and individuals who aspire to specialize in the field of sports nutrition. This in-depth certification provides a profound understanding of sports nutrition principles, enabling you to guide athletes and fitness enthusiasts in optimizing their nutritional intake for improved performance and recovery. Elevate your fitness career with our sports nutrition specialist certification.

Our Sports Nutrition Certification program delves into the science of sports nutrition, covering the principles of diet, supplementation and meal planning for various sports and fitness goals. As a certified sports nutritionist, you will gain the expertise to design personalized nutrition strategies that boost performance, promote recovery, and support overall health and fitness.

Upon completion of our Sports Nutrition Certification, you should be able to: 

  • Understand and apply the principles of sports nutrition

  • Design comprehensive nutrition strategies tailored to the specific needs and goals of each athlete

  • Serve as a sports nutrition coach, providing expert guidance and support to clients in their nutrition journey

  • Display an enhanced knowledge of sports-specific nutrition considerations

After successful exam completion, you will receive your sports nutrition specialist certification online, confirming your expertise in this crucial aspect of sports performance and fitness training. As a certified sports nutritionist, you will be instrumental in empowering athletes to fuel their bodies effectively, improve performance, and recover faster. Start now and contribute meaningfully to the health, performance and success of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


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